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15 Different Types Of Relationships

by Hina Rivera

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Everyone wishes to be in a relationship that will last forever and guarantee a happy ever after. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. With so many types of relationships at present, nobody is sure of where they stand or want to stand. Here is a list of 15 different types of relationships in the modern age. From the one everyone wants to the one no one wants, which one’s yours?

1. Co-Dependent Relationship

This is the type of relationship where both of you depend on each other to function. You are anxious when you are not around each other and are completely in love! But you may also get the short side of the stick and be bored by the time the second year starts and about ready to get rid of your “other half. ”

Approximate Duration: 2-5 years

Advantage: As you are so infatuated with each other, you often always have your partner around.

Disadvantage: You often do things that may be detrimental for yourself to make the other person happy.

2. Controlling Relationship

This is the type of relationship in which one person is authoritative while the other is subservient. You may not realize you are in a relationship like this until it gets emotionally taxing.

Approximate Duration: A couple of months – several years

Disadvantages: This type of relationship can be emotionally taxing and downright toxic. It can be detrimental for the submissive factor of the relationship, and they may find themselves losing their sense of self-expression and identity.

3. The Rebound Relationship

This type of relationship is where both the individuals have undergone heartbreak or loss of a lover. They chose to get together through the pain they share.

Approximate Duration: A couple of months – 2 years

Advantages: Both of you are able to understand the other. They act as a distraction from your heartbreak.

Disadvantages: As they are a rebound, you may never find a real connection with them.

4. Open Relationship

These relationships are where two people are committed to each other emotionally. Sexually? Not so much. They find sexual partners outside the relationship with the consent of the other.

Approximate Duration: A couple of months.

Advantages: It’s open, so you don’t have to worry about making them feel content.

Disadvantages: There is no guarantee of a lasting relationship, and there is always the chance that one person may start getting possessive about the other.

5. Fling

A fling is a type of relationship that occurs during a vacation, lasts for the duration of the vacation, and ends along with it. You may be completely loyal to the other person and happy with them, but you both enter the relationship knowing that it’s going to end.

Approximate Duration: A couple of days

Advantages: It’s a passing time relationship. No real promises made.

Disadvantages: It is bound to end.

6. The One-Night Stand

This is the shortest type of relationship. It is based entirely on sexual attraction and lasts for a night or a couple of nights only. The main factor in this relationship is sex, and that’s all the individuals think of.

Approximate Duration: One night – a couple of nights

Advantages: No strings attached.

Disadvantages: It’s not emotionally healthy.

7. Friends With Benefits

Friends-with-benefits is a type of relationship wherein friends decide to get into a completely sexual relationship. It’s no strings attached and no feelings involved scenario.

Approximate Duration: A few months – a year

Advantages: You get a friend as well as a partner for your sexual desires.

Disadvantages: One of the partners may fall for the other, and this can cause discord, which may lead to the end of a relationship.

8. Long-Distance Relationship

This relationship is where both of you live in two different states, where meeting is too difficult. You meet each other rarely and are usually hanging out through calls and texts.

Approximate Duration: 3 – 6 years

Advantages: Each time you meet them is like the first time!

Disadvantages: You don’t meet them often; it’s complicated.

9. The Complicated Relationship

This is the relationship wherein you don’t get along, you don’t want to get along, you aren’t compatible. But you are still with this person for reasons unknown even to you!

Approximate Duration: 1 year

Advantages: You find out the type of person you are sure not to like.

Disadvantages: You are always fighting, you are not getting along, and you are emotionally miserable.

10. Scripted Relationship

This is where neither of you has the spark, but both of you have the looks. You don’t love each other, but you, as a couple, are perfect on paper. He’s handsome, tall, and hard working. She’s beautiful, successful, and charismatic. Everyone thinks you are the perfect couple – everyone except you.

Approximate Duration: A couple of years

Advantages: Society deems it a perfect and a model relationship.

Disadvantages: There is a loss of feelings over time, and it can feel fake.

11. Pragmatic Relationship

This is a toxic relationship. You are with each other, but you are just enduring each other. You fight a lot and always have arguments. You may even cry because of this. You aren’t doing anyone any good by being together.

Approximate Duration: As long as they put up with it

Advantages: There’s not really any advantages to this relationship.

Disadvantages: You get emotionally exhausted, you feel miserable, you feel inferior, and it may have a negative effect on your mental health.

12. Perfect Relationship

This is the kind of relationship that you dream of, the relationship based on trust, respect, and love. Both of you are understanding towards each other and adjust for the other. It’s one of those that just feels right!

Approximate Duration: Several years

Advantages: It’s perfect. You both love each other, and there is complete trust.

Disadvantages: The imperfections in life may cause hurdles in your relationship, which you will overcome with practicality and work with the mind over heart.

13. Materialistic Relationship

This is a relationship wherein one person is more attracted to the other’s materialistic possessions rather than their personality or who they are.

Approximate Duration: 2-4 years

Advantages: One of the partners gets to enjoy the other’s possessions.

Disadvantages: There’s no real depth to the relationship. It won’t last when feelings and emotions aren’t a necessary factor.

14. Asexual Relationship

This is where you love being around the other person. You love the way you connect to each other, you can talk for hours, and you can just relax around the other. They make you happy, but there’s no sexual attraction between you and them. It’s based purely on platonic feelings.

Approximate Duration: 2-3 years

Advantages: They get you and are easier to talk to. They know everything about you. You know you aren’t getting hurt around them.

Disadvantages: There’s no sexual attraction. You feel put off by the thought of getting intimate with them.

15. The One True Love

This is what everyone dreams of. You are different, but you are in love. The world may throw rocks at you, but you will get through it together. You have complete love, trust, and faith in each other. There may be times that are hard and arguments that hurt, but you know that at the end of the day, they will be there.

Approximate Duration: Forever

Advantages: Everything is truthful. You can guarantee that this person will ground you when you get too high and make you fly when you are too low.

Disadvantages: There aren’t any real disadvantages in a relationship based on love, trust, and respect.

These are the 15 types of relationships you can find in the modern age. Some are awful, while others are beautiful. Always remember, no relationship is worth the trouble if you are unhappy. Put yourself first and love yourself. You will find the person who will love you too!



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